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As a Global Programmatic Pioneer and Innovator, Digilant partners with the world’s leading agencies and brands to provide customized and scalable digital media solutions.

See how Digilant elevates ad targeting from smart to downright genius


See how Digilant elevates ad targeting from smart to downright genius


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As pioneers in programmatic technology we combine experience and innovation to go beyond automated media buying. We partner with you to customize a digital media solution that seamlessly plugs into the programmatic ecosystem. Our integrated end-to-end Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) allow you to integrate your own data along with 2nd and 3rd party data sources to manage your global media buys across desktop, video, mobile and social. From detailed campaign insights and an experienced account team, you can design smarter, more efficient campaigns.
Global access to all major exchanges, supply side platforms (SSPs) and premium inventory as well as customized solutions for an optimized media buy.

Our Custom Data Solutions can help you integrate your 1st Party Data with traditional 3rd party data sources for smarter targeting and buying.

Your dedicated account team delivers unique audience data that will give you insights into future marketing strategies.

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“Digilant’s Page Index product has worked tremendously well for us, having the ability to truly scale such a customized site list for our clients is valuable … In today’s targeted media environment, relevance is what ultimately sets our clients apart.”Claire Bishop, SVP, Integrated Media Strategy for MMGY Global.

Digilant was founded by the Rodés Family through their family office of Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP) and continues to be fully owned by them. While still part of Havas, the Adnetik team designed and developed the first Trading Desk and the first Data Management Platform (DMP) in the industry. Adnetik separated from Havas in 2009 and became Digilant in 2012. The original founders, Don Epperson and Fernando Rodés, are still with Digilant.

Today Digilant continues to be an innovator in the programmatic space, partnering with the world’s leading agencies and brands to provide customized and scalable programmatic media solutions, powered by insightful and actionable data science.
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Custom Data Solutions

Digilant aggregates data to empower digital marketers with an actionable end-to-end data science solution for their programmatic media buys.

Bring together all the data points between brands and users
Deliver personalized messages to both…

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Every campaign and brand is different and so is our approach.


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