Solutions Sheets

Consumer Persona

CONSUMER PERSONA is a “Dynamic Behavior” discovery, targeting and insights programmatic data solution. Consumer Persona leverages RTB, Third Party, Second Party and First Party data to customize a “Dynamic Behavior” model, that can be used to execute media buys using Digilant’s DSP or an external DSP across devices. Download

Custom Programmatic and Data Solutions

At Digilant we partner with our customers to customize digital media solutions that seamlessly plug into their overall brand strategy. Whether you need a Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Data Management Platform (DMP) or an integrated advertising platform, we can create a marketing solution that works best for your business. Our experienced team of digital …

Cross-Device Solution

According to Nielsen the average U.S. consumer has an average of 4 connected devices, each with its own identity. If targeted individually this can result in siloed media spend and reduced ROI. Digilant links all these devices into a single cross-device ID using deterministic and probabilistic matching, targeting users on multiple screens with near-perfect precision …

Page Index

PAGE INDEX is a solution that is unique to the programmatic advertising industry in that it enables advertisers to cost effectively extend the reach of their campaigns by identifying hyper-relevant endemic content in new places.