What is real-time bidding (RTB)?
Real Time Bidding or RTB is the buying and selling of ad impressions on an online auction marketplace (or ad exchange) in real time.

What are the benefits or RTB?
The basic premise of RTB is that ad impressions are not commodities to be sold in bulk, and that each ad impression is unique – the time of day, the place or website, the audience, the propensity of that audience to make complete a desired action and that particular time and place where the ad appears all influence the willingness to pay. RTB enables advertisers to procure the best media for their campaign at a dynamic price reducing waste and thus improving overall campaign ROI.

Are you a network?
No – Digilant does not own any inventory; therefore we do not have a conflict of interest in buying and selling advertising.

Is Digilant a DSP?
Digilant offers more than just DSP technology. We have built a comprehensive consolidated media buying platform that includes a Data Management Platform, proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) which is seamlessly integrated with ad exchanges, SSPs and networks, as well as our own unique execution options to create a truly customizable experience for our clients.

Where does Digilant get its inventory?
We are connected to multiple Ad Exchanges, SSPs, Networks and have direct placement available through private integrations.

How do you protect my brand?
Digilant has a strategic partnership with Integral Ad Science to protect your ads from being served in places that do not uphold your brand image. We also offer proprietary brand safety technology as part of our Page Index offering, giving you the ability to specify where your ads appear.

What Data Providers do you work with?
We work with several of the industry’s leading providers. For an up to date list, please contact your Account Manager.

Does one algorithm fit all?
No….Digilant believes that no one algorithm fits all. That’s why we operate several algorithms – all with different objectives: to generate clicks, conversions, brand lift, market vertical specific algorithms and we even offer the ability to customize your own algorithm.

What is Digilant’s reach?
Digilant has the ability to reach up to 230 million uniques per day in the US and more than 540 million worldwide. On average we serve around 7 billion impressions in the US and 9 billion worldwide per day.

Do you have proprietary technology?
Yes, Digilant has two targeting solutions with patents pending and we operate our own optimization, bidding and distribution technology.

Do you offer self-service or managed service?
Both – Digilant gives clients choice and control over how their campaigns are managed and executed.