Fortune 100 Company Creates Custom Personas

Fortune 100 Company Creates Custom Personas

A Large Financial Institution wanted to create a more custom experience for users going to their website to inquire about life insurance, based on predefined marketing personas.

Digilant was able to:

  • Run a Consumer Persona for each of their custom marketing personas on their website
  • Uncover fresh audiences and brand new data points about those audiences
  • Assist in Developing more relevant advertising creative based on insights discovered
  • Increase the overall campaign CTR by targeting more users that act-like their best converters

Reach: 1,695
Performance Lift: +70.32%

  • Each bubble on this graph represents a different audience profile and the campaign lift is achieved by targeting these profiles in combination with each other.
  • By ‘Lift’ we mean that by optimizing with Consumer Persona this campaign will perform 70.32% better than Run of Network (RON), represented by the 0 lift line.
  • All of the individual audiences are projected to reach a greater number of potential converters than RON and, most importantly, these users are Fresh to the advertiser.
  • The overlapping circles represent users that belong to more than one pro le which is taken into account to ensure that impressions are served to truly unique users.

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