Mass Media Firm Acquires Financial Commuters

Mass Media Firm Acquires Financial Commuters

A leading corporation devoted to providing clients with technology and expertise was looking to target new customers for their recent campaign. The firm targets financial professionals.

The firm came to Digilant for help acquiring new customers while on their commute to and from work. The goal was to develop a Mobile Extension Strategy for their Grand Central Station Takeover Campaign in NYC

  • Hyperlocal targeting: Create custom geofences around Grand Central Station, the Metro North Line and surrounding zip codes. Reach target audiences on their mobile devices during their morning and evening commute
  • Cross Device/Location History Targeting: Create a custom data segment with ninthDecimal, suing mobile location data to read users who had previously been at ta commuter location (Grand Central or Metro North Line station), across all of their devices
  • Social Video: Reach the Thomson Reuters target audience while they are engaging with video on social platforms during and after their commute.


  • Impressions delivered: 260,758
  • Pacing: 43.4%

Cross Device/Location History

  • Impressions delivered: 819,778
  • Pacing: 74.5%

Social Video Views

  • Facebook: 71,844 (:03) / 5,911 (100%)
  • Instagram: 22,070 (:03) / 1,342 (100%)
  • YouTube: 14,781 (:03) / 14,781 (100%)

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