Nike Mexico Uncovers New Persona To Target

Nike Mexico Uncovers New Persona To Target

  • Nike had a Brand New Digital Team
  • Their data was a mess and their agency of record offered no solutions.
  • They wanted to prove to the Global office that audience analysis using Digilant was superior to the solution they had currently through Havas.
  1. 6 day campaign to collect data insights with a budget of ~$1000
  2. The pixel was placed on the campaign creative
  3. Targeted Sports and Recreation 3rd party segments

Digilant discovered that there is a market segment that they were neglecting to target equal to one of their largest segments! Nike ran an NFL focused Campaign with Digilant to sell their Denver Broncos stock.

  • 570 New Page Visits in 8 Days
  • 4,900 Twitter interactions
  • SOLD OUT Denver Broncos stock!

“After 8 months working with Digilant to launch – with only 30% of the traffic vs. what we previously ran – SALES Improved BY 3X!”
Analizz Pardo, Head of Digital

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