Top Orlando Resort Discovers New Customers

Top Orlando Resort Discovers New Customers

An advertiser wanted to reach non-Florida residents traveling and visiting Orlando. They wanted to find as many users as possible in order to drive both brand awareness and bring more people to their resort.

Digilant was able to:

  • Identify people who were visitors and not residents of the Orlando area by looking at both device and IP data
  • Target those users by identifying the audiences that were most likely to convert
  • Find even more of those Fresh users to target

Reach: 51,468
Performance Lift: +14.78 %

  • Each bubble on this graph represents a different audience profile and the campaign lift is achieved by targeting these profiles in combination with each other.
  • By ‘Lift’ we mean that by optimizing with Consumer Persona this campaign will perform 14.78% better than Run of Network (RON), represented by the 0 lift line.
  • All of the individual audiences are projected to reach a greater number of potential converters than RON and, most importantly, these users are Fresh to the advertiser.
  • The overlapping circles represent users that belong to more than one profile which is taken into account to ensure that impressions are served to truly unique users.

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