Telecom Discovers New User Segments

Telecom Discovers New User Segments

A major telecommunications brand providing mobile service to Spain and Latin American countries came to Digilant for help targeting new user segments where they could engage in delivery and control their media spend.

  • Structure Data: Create focused, centralized data that is accessible to the CRM team to build Custom User Segments.
  • Cookie Targeting: Using Digilant’s 10-12 Million unique cookies in Spain we targeted:
  • Customers: Through public data of IP ranges, Digilant shared these ID’s with the client to create a link to the individual customer on what products they use and consume. This (1) allowed the client to define what products to enhance and personalize communication to individual customers and (2) Purchase relevant and impactful ads on a cookie by cookie basis
  • Non-Customers (Prospects): Define who they connect to the internet with through IP addresses, given that they know what competitor each user contacts to. This allows the client to leverage their strengths against competitors. Examine where users surf (specific content) to understand how to add valuable information to the client users.
  • Gained the ability to build and target very relevant user segments
  • They can target those users with messaging that is specific to them
  • Control how much they spend, on which target audience, without sacrificing reach
  • Reach the same volume of users with less targeted strategies
  • Report on the impact of their marketing by tracking exposed vs. non-exposed users
  • Campaign Measurement: digital KPIs (CTR, CPL, etc.) and offline sales metrics.

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