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Consumer Persona

The development of our Consumer Persona product allowed Digilant to introduce a proprietary programmatic targeting method that converts thousands of raw digital data points into new audiences. It delivers the best of all the targeting techniques but with the added benefit of customization in real-time. By building a custom data strategy, Digilant can find an …

Custom Programmatic and Data Solutions

  With more and more brands tapping into programmatic and leveraging the power behind it, there is a growing demand for customized programmatic solutions better aligned to each brands’ marketing activities.  Rather than asking advertisers to scale their business to match our technology stack, we offer solutions that are right sized for brands that are …

Cross-Device Solution

According to Nielsen the average U.S. consumer has an average of 4 connected devices, each with its own identity. If targeted individually this can result in siloed media spend and reduced ROI. Digilant links all these devices into a single cross-device ID using deterministic and probabilistic matching, targeting users on multiple screens with near-perfect precision …

Page Index

PAGE INDEX is a solution that is unique to the programmatic advertising industry in that it enables advertisers to cost effectively extend the reach of their campaigns by identifying hyper-relevant endemic content in new places.

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