Commuting Autonomy and Problem Solving Session

Commuting Autonomy and Problem Solving Session

Last Wednesday, November 22nd, we had a new Digilant Cares activity with the Down Madrid Foundation. On this occasion the session was somewhat different from the previous ones. Digilant team with some specialists accompanied 7 youngsters to do the grocery shoping in a large supermarket. The session started at the NPO center and they all walked to the supermarket. Along the way they had to pay special attention with the traffic lights and the pedestrian crossings. In the supermarket, each youngster had written down on a piece of paper a product that he/she had to buy and after finding it in the right aisle and checking that it was not expired, he/she could go to the cashier to pay for it.


The activity lasted two hours, and there was a great connection between the children and Digilant workers. Everyone is looking forward to participate in the next activity!

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