2020 Election: Zeroing in on Key Voter Audiences Infographic

2020 Election: Zeroing in on Key Voter Audiences Infographic

With the 2020 election quickly coming into view and with campaigns already stirring, the time is now for campaign marketers to invest in connecting with voters online, wherever they may be. 

It’s expected that huge amounts of money will be invested in reaching voters through traditional methods like TV spots, direct mail, and canvassing. But, one thing to watch is the increase in spending across digital channels. Kantar predicts that digital ad spend will account for 20% of overall campaign ad spend this election.

Digital channels have reshaped the voter journey, how they conduct research and make decisions at the polls. At every tap, swipe, and inch, voters are consuming advertisements, news, and connecting with influencers. In these moments, it’s important for political campaigns to be present – not only to augment traditional ad spend, but to capture the hearts and minds of voters.

Like every digital marketing campaign, understanding the key audiences comes first for campaign marketers and is fast followed by identifying the best targeting tactics.

This infographic calls out several of the key voter segments and the digital advertising tactics that campaigns and agencies can use to connect with key voter-eligible Americans. 

Download the infographic here

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