#DigiLeader Carlota Pastor

#DigiLeader Carlota Pastor

We are so proud to announce our newest #DigiLeader, Carlota Pastor! Carlota has been an essential member of the Media Strategy team at Digilant team for the past 2 years. Along with her exceptional, detail-oriented work as a Senior Media Strategist, she plays an integral role in all sides of the business. She pushes for a deeper understanding of industry news & updates which makes her a dependable right-hand-woman to all of her colleagues. 

Wes Farris, Director of Partnerships at Digilant, expresses sincere confidence in the value that Carlota brings to the company. When asked why he thinks Carlota exemplifies #DigiLeader qualities, he said:

However, it’s not only members of the Digilant team who admire Carlota’s work ethic. Clients are quick to recognize what a valuable asset she has been to achieving their programmatic goals. Recently, a client was quick to call-out their appreciation for Calota’s contribution saying, “I sincerely appreciate your can-do attitude and help through all of this quick turnkey stuff! It gives me all the confidence in the world that we have chosen the right partner for these types of plans.”

Having worked in both the Boston and Chicago offices, many of us have had the chance to witness her spunky, energetic and outgoing personality. She is the first to get people together after work whether it be happy hour, workout classes, concerts, 5K’s and more! 

Recently, Bethany Wilterdink (Sr. Media Strategist, Chicago) aka interim “Vogue Interviewer,” checked in with Carlota during one of her work-from home days to ask her 10 questions about her experience working at Digilant. They covered everything from work culture, benefits, partners and programmatic tips. Check out the video below!

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A #Digileader is a team player who motivates, achieves and exceeds expectations. They are passionate, savvy and always willing to go the extra mile. #DigiLeaders are programmatic pioneers who serve as your experts in omni-channel solutions with integrity and transparency.


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