Digilant University

As Programmatic buying continues to become a key component of the Digital Advertising Industry, our clients have come to us and asked us to partner with them to fulfill a greater education need. With this program we are helping their teams understand Programmatic buying in the context of their jobs in a way that is meaningful to them.

“We are devoting an important part of our advertising budget to programmatic buying, and internally we need a better understanding of all the aspects of how it works, including how to extract more knowledge of our data and optimize each campaign.”  Francisco Cotera, group manager of Digital Media PepsiCo, Mexico.

A self-guided, e-learning platform, Digilant University provides a robust digital marketing curriculum, comprised of several  courses including: Programmatic 101, Programmatic Tactics, Programmatic KPI’s, as well as Data, Social & Search Basics. This e-learning solution delivers its content in short and engaging videos, and includes a variety of testing options, along with course certifications. Overall, the platform is designed to provide an optimal e-learning solution for businesses.

To register for Digilant University or to find how your company can purchase user licenses for this program, send us an email or give us a call us at: +1 844 344 4526.

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