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What building a digital media agency has taught us about navigating programmatic

For the first time, spending on digital advertising is greater than television. To experienced advertising professionals, the news didn’t come as a surprise. But its impact is significant for myriad reasons: in 2017, While industry watchers saw this coming for years, it still signifies a monumental shift in the ad business. And all of the players in …

Four Keys to Global Content Marketing Success

Keyword research is a cornerstone of content marketing, and its applicability is amplified in global marketing operations. Karen Moked, VP of marketing at Digilant, a company that operates in almost a dozen countries, remarks, “I’ve learned that it’s critical to develop content based on country-specific keyword inventory, as it’s amazing how target audiences across geographies—even …

Post-GDPR, are data clean rooms the answer to accessing walled gardens?

As of May 25, 2018, Google announced that DoubleClick users will be unable to rely on cookies or mobile device IDs to connect impressions, clicks and site activities from DoubleClick logs. Instead, they will be limited to Google’s own Ads Data Hub for those metrics. For some, this means that they are satisfied to stay …

World Cup: 10 of the best memes of the tournament

Social media also has been no different, with users enthralled by the craze of the most-watched global sporting event, with an estimated 3.5 billion viewers from 200 countries and territories. According to marketing technology firm Digilant, World Cup-related hashtags have been the most popular across all social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter.

Programmatic is not just for media buyers. What the rest of us need to know

It’s a message we’ve been hearing percolate through the industry now for years: programmatic is the future of advertising. Brands, in search of more control over their media buying activity, have embraced technology-based approaches that promise efficiency, precision, flexibility, and superior ROI. Warts and all — and there are plenty, ranging from flat-out false value propositions to rampant …


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