Custom Data Solutions

Digilant aggregates data to empower digital marketers with an actionable end-to-end data science solution for their programmatic media buys. Bring together all the data points between brands and users Deliver personalized messages to both customers and prospects Execute a media buy that is completely customized Activate data and media buys on safe and secure platform  

Custom Programmatic Advertising Solutions

Powered by insightful and actionable data science, Digilant’s display, video, mobile, and social solutions are delivered through a world-class service offering. By activating first party, third party and proprietary data, Digilant’s custom programmatic advertising solutions work to connect brands with relevant and unique audiences.  

Consumer Persona

  The development of our Consumer Persona allowed Digilant to introduce a proprietary programmatic targeting method that converts thousands of raw digital data points into new audiences. It delivers the best of all the targeting techniques but with the added benefit of customization in real-time. By building a custom data strategy, Digilant can find an advertiser’s […]