Digilant Cares is Digilant’s brand embracing and supporting all of the nonprofit collaboration initiatives across countries.

What is Digilant Cares?

Digilant Cares is a global initiative launched by Digilant to focus on investing in the communities which Digilant employees work and live.  Through Digilant Cares, employees are encouraged to select causes that are meaningful to them.  Support is both financial and hands-on including pro-bono advertising, office collections, volunteer hours, and financial donations. We are proud to give back to those in-need and know that by doing so, we are helping to make the communities we care about thrive.


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Questions about Digilant Cares should go to:

US: Christina DiGiovanni at christina.digiovanni@digilant.com
Global: Ester Pascual at ester.pascual@digilant.com

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