Programmatic Advertising Alphabet:  Letter G

Programmatic Advertising Alphabet: Letter G

Hello everyone! In the next months, Digilant will be publishing a programmatic advertising glossary from A to Z, so that you can learn more about what we do! We have many definitions to share, but we have chosen the most relevant terms for marketers to know.  We hope you find this to be a great tool to get up to speed on programmatic advertising.  We will be updating posts on a weekly basis.  


Programmatic BannerGraphic Banner 

A graphic mobile ad represented by a banner featuring an image.


Gross Rating Point (GRP)

A term used in traditional media vehicle or schedule. GRP = (% of the target audience reached by an ad * the frequency they see it in a given campaign). Commonly used by media buyers to compare the advertising strength of various media vehicles.

Gross Rating Point


Guerilla Marketing

Campaign tactic involving the placement of often humorous brand-related messages in unexpected places either online or in the real world; intended to provoke word-of-mouth and build buzz.


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