Spanish – Programmatic Advertising Glossary of Terms

Spanish – Programmatic Advertising Glossary of Terms

Programmatic media buying continues to achieve rapid growth in LATAM — as of the end of 2016, it’s expected to have grown by 198 percent (source:eMarketer).  This is a total of US$16.9 billions. In LATAM, the programmatic investment in Premium inventory will be US$24 millions, Brazil being the largest investor (US$12.4 millions).

The hot subjects in programmatic, the ones we should all understand to make good decisions in real time for our brands are: transparency, viewability, native advertising, video, mobile growth and speed into which the information reaches the mobile devices.

In order to get LATAM up to speed on what they need to know, to keep up with this growing market, Digilant has prepared a Programmatic Advertising Glossary of Terms in Spanish.


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