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Full Service Digital Agency

As marketing becomes more complex, we find that our client’s needs are quite varied, and tend to evolve over time. In some cases, we operate as a full-service digital media agency of record, planning, buying and optimizing campaigns across all digital channels. In others, we provide strategic counsel and systems integration services, assisting our clients as they build their internal capabilities.

Agency of Record
We’re in the business of programmatic marketing, not programmatic media
  • We work across all digital channels (search, social, and programmatic).
  • We operate on all of the top people-based buying platforms.
  • We care as much (and maybe more) about content and creative as we do about media execution

We operate 100% programmatically, which is to say we buy media using programmatic buying platforms that enable precise targeting and real-time optimization.

Today it’s possible to deliver an entire digital plan programmatically without any sacrifices — all channels, formats and placements can be accessed in an automated way.

However, the market has evolved in a fragmented way, and a holistic plan can only be delivered by assembling the right set of digital media buying platforms, including DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) like Amazon and Google, for a given client objective.

In-sourced Programmatic

Driven by concerns over transparency, brand safety, viewability and fraud, many of the world’s biggest brands are thinking about bringing their programmatic strategies in-house.

By in-sourcing programmatic brands hope to attain increased control over how budgets are spent, a reduction in the proportion of ad spend eaten up by fees and tech providers, and better visibility into where ads are placed.

But the cost and complexity of taking programmatic in-house means it’s not a viable solution for the majority of brands to undertake on their own.

This is where Digilant can help.


Flexible in our engagement model

We understand and embrace the rise of insourcing media functions among leading brands. We offer fully managed services, and also work with many clients who are self-service customers. In these cases, we provide the training and ongoing support required to operate having an in-house capability exceptionally well. A typical engagement for us involves beginning the relationship on a managed service basis, and moving the client toward a self-service relationship over time.


Talent over Everything

Of course, when all is said and done, it is not platforms or algorithms that determine success. It’s the people – the team that writes the strategy, builds the solutions, and flawlessly executes in the marketplace. In an emerging industry that doesn’t have enough qualified employees to go around, the level of programmatic expertise within in our walls is perhaps our greatest differentiator.

Our executive team that has dedicated their careers to the ad-tech space and have deep experience running programmatic teams and campaigns on a global scale. Their combined experience includes companies like Hill Holliday, Media Math, Resolution Media, Audience Science, Visible IQ, Invisible Science and DataXu. Our staff are 100% dedicated to programmatic strategies and execution. This is much different than the traditional ad agency that either doesn’t have their own tech in-house or only has a handful of employees that have any programmatic experience.

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