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Programmatic Strategies Designed for your Business

As pioneers in programmatic technology we combine experience and innovation by translating the complicated signals coming from a sea of data.  Our unique approach is “finding the new”: new users, new channels, new behaviors, new ways to activate customers. We partner with you to find a programmatic buying solution that will be both holistic and proprietary to your brand.  Using our automated buying strategies, and data science methodologies, we enable our advertisers to unlock proprietary and complex audience data that gives them the actionable intelligence they need to compete across every important media channel.

Proprietary Programmatic Solutions
We tap into audiences that you didn’t know about and that are hidden from other bidders. While others help you reach and mine the customers you already know about, we find fresh customers to be monetized.
Audience IntelligenceCRM & First Party DataGoogle Search WhitelistsCustom WhitelistingConsumer PersonaConsumer Persona AudiencesConsumer Persona Lookalike Audiences
As marketing becomes more complex, we find that our client’s needs are quite varied, and tend to evolve over time. In some cases, we operate as a full-service digital media agency of record, planning, buying and optimizing campaigns across all digital channels. In others, we provide strategic counsel and systems integration services, assisting our clients as they build their internal capabilities.
Agency of RecordIn-sourced ProgrammaticConsulting
Media Buying
We provide experienced and informed hands-on decision-making help and manage all the aspects of programmatic buying for clients. Our self-service DSP platform offers multiple, easy-to-use automation tools and data analysis.
Managed Service: DSP BuyingSelf-Service ProgrammaticRapid-responsePremium Reporting Dashboard TacticsGuaranteed Lead & Performance ProgramsSocialCross-Device TargetingBrand Safety & Fraud ProtectionProgrammatic Training

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