Digilant partners with the world’s leading agencies and brands to provide customized and scalable programmatic media solutions.
Custom Solutions For Your Business.
We partner with you to customize a digital media solution that seamlessly plugs into your overall brand strategy

1st Party Data Integration
Use your own data to create targeting profiles that reflect your business, enabling campaigns that are smarter than your competitors.

Unique Targeting
We exclusively leverage relevant 2nd party data creating a more refined algorithm. There is no master algorithm, every campaign has its own.

Data Insights You Can Use
Learn from your campaigns and adjust your budgets towards the targets bringing the best results.

Cross Device
Closed loop solution for display, mobile, video and social.

Simply Offering the Best Service
Dedicated account team with years of programmatic experience.

Audience Extension & Insights


Digilant's Consumer Persona Solution

An advanced methodology for marketers to analyze and get insights from their consumer data, pre and post campaign, and then use that data to activate their media buys across devices, channels or geographies.


Finding Unique Target Audiences

This dynamic product digests first party, second party, third party and Digilant’s proprietary data to create a data visualization of consumer behaviors.

For example most users have over a hundred characteristics like being male, a father, a hockey fan, a runner, like to cook, and work for a technology company. Consumer Persona identifies unique target audiences for campaigns and advertisers based on where these characteristics and behaviors overlap which we call Personas.

Then the potential lift for each of these Personas is calculated, identifying potential “new consumers,” not recycled users, allowing for effective and efficient targeting, improving performance.


Customized Audience Profiling


Digilant aggregates data to empower marketers with an actionable end-to-end data science solution:

  • Bringing together all the data points between brands and users
  • Delivering personalized messages to both customers and prospects
  • Completely customized for every client
  • On a safe and secure platform

Contextual Targeting


Page Index

Problem: Finding new pages with relevant content for your brand is time consuming and difficult to do.

Digilant’s Page Index identifies hyper-relevant content on new pages by creating a customized network of URLs and domains, based on campaign specific keywords and content. This allows you to contextually target at a granular level and expand your brand’s reach onto new pages.

Page Index Overview

One Programmatic Partner Means:

No Data Degradation

  • Both DSP & Data Solutions: Fully customizable for your business, offered individually or together.
  • Cross Device: Custom campaigns that can scale across desktop, video, mobile, and social.
  • Self-Service: Regardless of where you are in the process of taking programmatic in-house, Digilant can help you. Leveraging our years of expertise in agency-based Ad Operations, Digilant will design a customized solution to support your needs.
  • Efficient Bidding: Proprietary Digilant platform technology leverages huge quantities of data with Digilant proprietary algorithms to define the most efficient bidding price.
  • Complete Access To Log Files: Digilant can offer you a reporting service or provide you with raw data.
  • Data Input And Management: For both private and public data.
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