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With programmatic inventory and 3rd party data quickly becoming table stakes, Digilant’s Data Science team has conceived unique solutions & algorithms that actually help advertisers compete and be smarter about their media spend.

Consumer Persona

Consumer Persona is a unique and powerful audience insights and targeting solution for brands whose objective is to expand their audience and drive online sales.

Programmatic ad buying is filled with competitors using similar 3rd party data, bidding methodologies and tools. Very little differentiates them and they are designed to manage the mechanics of the digital ad market rather than address what advertisers really want, which is more new customers.

While they all zig, we zag. And zagging means building a business that delivers what others don’t. The development of our Consumer Persona product allowed Digilant to introduce a proprietary targeting method that converts billions of raw digital data points into new audiences. It delivers the best of all the targeting techniques, but with the added benefit of customization in real-time. Consumer Persona custom segments are dynamically created, updated in real-time and constantly expanding based on the billions of data points we collect each day. By building a custom audience strategy, Digilant can find an advertiser’s best converters and discover new users they weren’t even thinking about.

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Consumer Persona Audiences

Consumer Persona Audiences are targetable segments of users based on website content and product browsing behaviors.  Digital marketers have access to browsing information from their own site but what they don’t have is data from what those same users are doing on other sites.  Consumer Persona Audiences aggregates observed behavioral data on actions that users are taking online to help marketers inform their campaigns and messaging accordingly.


Unlock information on what your customers are browsing across the web, to inform strategy and messaging.


Uncover profile types of customers engaging with your brand, to empower a true understanding of your audience.


Target audiences immediately to reach the right users with the right messaging.

Digilant offers two types of Standard Consumer Persona Audiences:


Interest Audiences

  • Built from real-time data using content browsing behavior
  • Created from assumptions made based on user interests and actions online
  • Two types: Seasonal and Sites Visited

Consumer Persona Interest Audiences: are built from users’ real-time browsing behavior, and can be targeted based on an advertiser’s specific goals.


Automotive: Users actively browsing content related to cars, auto parts, services, etc.


Back to School Shoppers: Users actively browsing content about things like backpacks, supplies, apparel, etc.

Transactional Audiences

  • Built from tracking users’ transactional behaviors
  • Modeled and scored for optimal programmatic targeting and performance
  • Two types: In-Market and Shopping Behavior

Consumer Persona Transactional Audiences: Built from product categories browsed, carted & purchased.


Accessories: Women’s Accessories.


Activity Tickets: Concerts, Live Theater, Theme Parks.

Consumer Persona Lookalike Audiences

Consumer Persona Lookalike Audiences uses an advertiser’s seed programmatic data to build models that find users with similar behaviors and interests.

There are two kinds of Lookalike Audiences:

  • Prospecting Lookalike Audiences
    Users who have never visited the site before, or within the past X days, and have the highest propensity to convert.
  • Retargeting Lookalike Audiences:
    Users who have visited the site within X days and have the highest propensity to convert.
Leveraging Lookalike Modeling To Boost Performance:

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