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For Agencies

We provide experienced and informed hands-on decision-making help and manage all the aspects of programmatic buying for clients. Our self-service DSP platform offers multiple, easy-to-use automation tools and data analysis.

Managed Service: DSP Buying

Digilant provides programmatic solutions for marketers to plan, execute and report on their digital media campaigns. Leveraging years of experience in ad operations and using data science, Digilant finds ’new’ and proprietary programmatic algorithms to design campaigns that identify the right audiences and effectively convert them across all formats, channels and devices.

For marketers who want to go beyond an ‘off the shelf’ DSP (Demand Side Platform) solution, Digilant can help you and your team to push the programmatic envelope. Using an end-to-end data solution that is proprietary to each client, Digilant capitalizes on multiple layers of data science to enable marketers to deliver the right messages to the right consumers.

Whether this is the first time running a programmatic campaign or the hundredth, our team of experts will work with you to meet all your KPIs as well activate marketing strategies that are unique to your brand.

All Supported Service features, plus:

  • Media Planning
  • Creative Messaging Architecture
  • Expert Campaign Setup
  • Trafficking/Ad Ops
  • Daily Optimization
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Final Campaign Analysis

Digilant’s self-service programmatic platform allows advertisers to manage their own digital advertising campaigns to consumers across online display, video, social and mobile channels, in real-time, using real-time bidding (“RTB”). Our platform offers multiple, easy-to-use automation tools and data analysis that help users focus on managing the key factors affecting their campaigns – delivering greater performance, transparency, and control to all marketers.

Digilant also provides comprehensive reporting tools, including performance insights across multiple variables such as audience characteristics, ad format, site category, website, device, creative type, and geography. In addition, our platform allows for a unified view of consumers’ interactions with better and transparent reporting, resulting in improved learnings, often leading to better outcomes.

Owning programmatic doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! Self-service also includes:

  • Ongoing one-on-one training
  • Robust Knowledge Base
  • Campaign planning advisory
  • Expert campaign setup (optional)
  • Fully staffed Help Desk for troubleshooting
  • Recurring check-in meetings
  • Unlimited support

Real-time marketing for when you need to create an adverting campaign on the fly.
Digilant can spread your message immediately, with targeted ads at scale through programmatic and social media channels – so that you can get results quickly or react to breaking news.

Give us 24hrs to:
  • Launch highly strategic digital advertising campaigns in response to unpredictable news and events.
  • Complement earned and owned media channels.
  • Optimize on opportunities for brand impact as breaking news unfolds, whether anticipated or unforeseen.
Premium Reporting Dashboard

Digilant’s Premium Reporting Dashboard enables advertisers to explore and interact with their programmatic platform data through engaging visualizations that offer the full picture of their digital campaigns.  Advertisers are offered full visibility of their programmatic advertising performance and insights without having to wait for someone else to report to them on how their digital dollars are being optimized.

Highly Interactive Visualizations

The Reporting Dashboard features highly interactive visualizations, which make exploratory programmatic data analysis more insightful (and fun!), and less of a burden on the digital advertising team to develop their own multi-dimensional comparative analyses.


Advanced Functionality

Download and export reports on performance, KPIs and other metrics from programmatic platforms. Digilant reporting allows for sorting, advanced interactivity between the programmatic advertising data tables and charts, and the ability to select active campaigns only.

Device Technology

Provide an easy and interactive way to view and compare performance metrics across technologies in aggregate (% total spend or CPMs by device. type) and identify trends (% mobile impressions by day).

Programmatic Tactics: Guaranteed Lead & Performance Programs

With Digilant’s holding company’s most recent acquisition of React2Media, we now offer unique, risk free acquisition tactics and pricing in addition to our programmatic service and self-service media buying solutions. As a result, Digilant is now the first programmatic company to offer both guaranteed lead and performance pricing models as part of our media buying solution set.

Acquiring new customers involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s products and/or services. Companies and organizations consider the cost of customer acquisition as an important measure in evaluating how much value customers bring to their businesses.

Digilant offers to two opportunities for User Acquisition Marketing with Guaranteed Outcomes and No Risk:

CPA: Acquisition Strategy

Highly relevant content placements designed to drive users to specific signup/advocacy issue/action directly on the client site. Delivered on a guaranteed performance basis.

  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Direct Call To Action
  • Brand-Friendly Ad Placements
  • Real-Time Delivery
  • Lead Tracking

Proven solutions for verticals such as: consumer packaged goods, coupons, sweepstakes, daily deal, retail, travel, education and more.

CPL: Lead Generation Programs

Fully customized micro-site (lead form) placements in publisher registration paths designed to drive sign ups for specific initiatives. Also include proprietary lead validation and verification. Delivered on a guaranteed performance basis.

  • Publisher Registration Traffic
  • Users are prequalified prior to seeing your ad
  • The most advanced data validation system in the market
  • Real-Time Data Delivery

A proprietary platform that powers a variety of sites that include: health & wellness, news, coupons, jobs, travel, surveys and business.

Programmatic Tactics: Social

Digilant has already had years of experience in programmatic media buying and social is one of the largest programmatic channels. In order to continue to leverage our expertise and seamless customer service, consider including social as part of your overall programmatic strategy.

Advantages include:

  • Fluid budget between the channels and tactics
  • Holistic reporting across display and social
  • Fully transparent fee structure


Facebook – Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Right Column, and Instagram Feed
Instagram –Native Image, Video, Carousel Ads, and Instagram Story Ads
LinkedIn – Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMail
Snapchat – Vertical Video

Why Social?
  • High performing native advertisements especially for Direct Response campaigns
  • Robust targeting for granular, relevant audiences
  • All ads are both desktop and mobile friendly
  • Immune to viewability or ad-blocking issues
  • Inherently cross-device, people-based marketing
Programmatic Tactics : Cross-Device and ConnectedID

Using both deterministic and probabilistic matching we create a Cross-Device ID to target users on multiple screens with near-perfect precision – stay top of mind, manage frequency, and drive conversions across all devices. Without cross-device the view of the customer journey is going to be incomplete.


Cross Device Delivery

When marketers are unable to recognize consumers across all their devices, they’re not only faced with targeting challenges — but they also are faced with the challenge of losing out on data and insights as well as attribution tracking.

Just like programmatic advertising meets the demands of a growing industry, cross-device targeting meets the ways in which consumers spend time online — in or out of the home, however they connect, wherever they are.





Our Solution – ConnectedID

ConnectedID is a deterministic cross-device solution, that uses deterministic data (such as a cookie or Mobile advertising ID) or individual (such as a customer ID), to link users across browsers and devices and build out a device graph.

Advertisers pass back a deterministic identifier so that associations can be built out for the advertiser’s customer base. A probabilistic model, where 3rd party cookies are not supported, is also used to pull in variables to assign cookieless ID’s and identify users in those environments as well.





The BENEFITS of the ConnectedID solution are:

  • Managing frequency
  • Attributing conversions properly to improve campaign efficiency
  • Users have a positive experience with the brand across the web
  • Identifying users across environments means more targeted messaging and prevents users from being flooded with ads



Average accuracy of ConnectedID single-device recognition is 96% and cross-device recognition is 100% because it is based entirely on deterministic data.
ConnectedID ensures more accurate targeting because we’re targeting people instead of ID’s.




Tactics :: Brand Safety & Fraud Protection

One of the biggest challenges with programmatic advertising is fraud — these ads are never viewable.  Fraudulent ad processes, such as bots, ad stacking and pixel stuffing are a problem for all members of the programmatic ecosystem.

  • Brand Safety ensures your ad appears within the appropriate environments for your brand.
  • Fraud Protection protects against nonhuman traffic or bots registering impressions or clicks on ad units.

Digilant is also integrated with third-party measurement and verification vendors, including DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science, to block fraud on a pre-bid basis and to filter suspicious traffic. Sizmek’s Peer39 handles contextual targeting and placements.

Sites with content promoting hate speech or illegal activity are excluded from the market and added to a dynamic blocklist.

Programmatic Training

As Programmatic buying continues to become a key component of the Digital Advertising Industry, our clients have come to us and asked us to partner with them to fulfill a greater education need. With this program we are helping their teams understand Programmatic buying in the context of their jobs in a way that is meaningful to them.

“We are devoting an important part of our advertising budget to programmatic buying, and internally we need a better understanding of all the aspects of how it works, including how to extract more knowledge of our data and optimize each campaign.”FRANCISCO COTERA, GROUP MANAGER OF DIGITAL MEDIA PEPSICO, MEXICO.

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