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MAIA – the simple yet powerful infrastructure behind all things DIGILANT. MAIA is the harmonious combination of machine power and human expertise that allows the DIGILANT team to help marketers repeatedly win in their programmatic strategies.

Unlike current solutions, MAIA brings people and technology together, creating a perfect blend of strategy, insight and efficiency that will elevate any marketing team to find massive success. MAIA intelligently makes sense of massive data sets, and with the constant support and guidance from our team, marketers can make more efficient media buys, make better informed decisions, optimize across all channels and drive better performance for their omnichannel campaigns.

Consumer Persona
  • Consumer Persona is a unique and powerful audience insights and targeting solution for brands whose objective is to expand their audience and drive online sales.
  • Award Winning Product built for customized storytelling using proprietary 2nd party data
  • Combination of your real-time programmatic audiences and our unique audience segments


Programmatic ad buying is filled with competitors using similar 3rd party data, bidding methodologies and tools. Very little differentiates them and they are designed to manage the mechanics of the digital ad market rather than address what advertisers really want, which is more new customers.

While they all zig, we zag. And zagging means building a business that delivers what others don’t. The development of our Consumer Persona product allowed Digilant to introduce a proprietary targeting method that converts billions of raw digital data points into new audiences. It delivers the best of all the targeting techniques, but with the added benefit of customization in real-time. Consumer Persona custom segments are dynamically created, updated in real-time and constantly expanding based on the billions of data points we collect each day. By building a custom audience strategy, Digilant can find an advertiser’s best converters and discover new users they weren’t even thinking about.

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Custom Whitelisting

Digilant’s Page Index custom whitelisting solution curates a customized network of sites and pages – as compared to standard segments and media channels available to everyone – that are meaningful to an advertiser’s brand and overall objectives.


Benefits Include:
  • Engage your target audience in hyper-relevant endemic content.
  • Identify, own and target a customized whitelist of URLs based on campaign specific keywords and suitable pages unique to your brand message.
  • Differentiate your overarching contextual strategy by expanding your targeting beyond predefined programmatic channels.
  • Curate whitelists using positive and negative sentiment analysis for advanced blacklisting.


Page Index enhances the performance, visibility and productivity of programmatic campaigns by unlocking sites beyond predefined channels and uncovering relevant audiences that competitors are not reaching.

Search Engine+

Digilant’s Search Engine+ is a contextual targeting solution that uses an advertiser’s paid keywords to build a whitelist of URLs composed of Google’s top 50 organic search results.


Benefits Include:

  • Compliment current SEO and SEM initiatives
  • Target pages that users are already engaged with
  • Use strategically valuable search terms to advertise on sites users are likely to visit after searching


Digilant’s Search Engine + enhances the performance of programmatic campaigns by unlocking quality URL’s that rank highest in Google search and uncovering relevant ad placements that competitors are not reaching.

IspDigital (ISPD) Audiences

ISPD Audiences are targetable segments of users based on website content and product browsing behaviors. Digital marketers have access to browsing information from their own site but what they don’t have is data from what those same users are doing on other sites. ISPD Audiences aggregates observed behavioral data on actions that users are taking online to help marketers inform their campaigns and messaging accordingly.


Unique User IDs

100% Observed

Interest Audiences

  • Built from real-time data using content browsing behaviors, and can be targeted based on advertiser’s specific goals
  • Created from assumptions made based on user interests and actions online
  • Two types: Seasonal and Sites Visited

Mobile in-app Audiences

  • In-market mobile app audiences
  • Base on observed actions within mobile apps
  • Unique users who have downloaded an app, signed up within an app and purchased items within an app
  • USA and Canada only

Transactional Audiences

  • Built from tracking users’ transactional behaviors, across product categories browsed, carted & purchased
  • Modelled and scored for optimal programmatic targeting and performance
  • Two types: In-Market and Shopping Behavior

Demographic Audiences

Standard Demo Audiences:

  • Maximum demo reach and scale with an above average accuracy rating

Validated Demographic Audiences:

  • Above average accuracy with a rating of up to 85% against Nielson DAR and ComScore VCE
  • Twice as accurate as standard demo audiences
  • Segments include only age and gender

1.2B devices with age.
900M with gender classification.
100% US internet population.

Advanced Segmentation: The Power of the DMP

The effectiveness of data-driven decisions –planning, selling, buying– make it necessary for both sellers and buyers to take as much control of their data as possible, and for this reason Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are a key technology for media buyers, publishers and marketers. A good DMP should not only be able to collect data from different sources, but also allow for the creation of audiences/ segmentation, consolidated reporting and campaign optimization – the place where people, platforms, partners and processes are brought together to apply audience data that is actionable.

Our Segments allow advertisers to maximize the value of each impression with advanced segmentation of their audience in real time.


  • Custom Data Segment. Based on specific campaign data and/or pixel data
  • Event data. Stored for 30 days. Segment based on Frequency, Recency, & Time Interval.
  • No loss or latency. Target segment immediately.
  • Real-time segmentation. Segments update in real-time.

Use Cases

  • Cart Abandoners
  • High Value Purchasers
  • Sequential Messaging
  • Cross-Selling/Upselling
  • Clicker Retargeting
  • Historical Brand Browsers
  • Time to Conversion
  • Exclude exhausted users

Example Segments

  • Order value
  • Cart Value
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Price
  • Product Retail Price
  • Discount %
  • Order ID
  • SKU
  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Product Category
  • Loyalty Member
  • Brand CC Holder
  • Page ID/URL
Social Listening

We analyze your media and the social impact of your Marketing strategy. Digilant’s social listening solution gives advertisers the ability to:

  • Access the consumer perception of a brand’s products and services.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of consumer’s behavior, needs and passion points.
  • Understand how a brand stacks up against competition and Identify opportunities to differentiate in the marketplace.
  • Analyze the effectiveness and lift of media and marketing strategies.


Our Social Intelligence Engine allows Digilant to use Social Data for multiple campaign elements.

  • Online Consumer Panels: Develop profiles for a brand’s different audiences.
  • Influencer Marketing and Living Communities: Determine who leads the conversation for your brand and where they engage online.
  • Campaign Analysis Report: Evaluate lift on earned media from your campaign with Digilant.
  • Media Buzz/Competitive Report: Gain competitive intel on and measure how your brand stacks up.

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