Digilant is a programmatic buying company, designed for both agencies and brands. We connect people and technology to create a perfect blend of strategy, insight and efficiency that will elevate any marketing team to find massive success. We also support advertisers who are moving towards programmatic self-sufficiency by aligning with and training them on the right set of programmatic platforms and technologies.


Using MAIA – Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics – the harmonious combination of machine power and human expertise behind all things DIGILANT, we intelligently navigate massive data sets. MAIA enables marketers to use data as a currency to generate more efficient media buys, make better informed decisions, optimize and drive performance across all digital channels and campaigns.

Today Digilant continues to be an innovator in the programmatic space by translating the complicated signals coming from a sea of data.

Digilant has had its hands in the programmatic space for many years, having designed and developed the first Trading Desk and the first Data Management Platform (DMP) in the industry.

Digilant is an independent global company founded by the Rodés family through their family office of Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP) and continues to be fully owned by them. Digilant is an ispDigital Group company.


Full Service Programmatic

Digilant provides programmatic solutions for marketers to plan, execute and report on their digital media campaigns. Leveraging years of experience in ad operations and MAIA to navigate massive data sets.

Whether this is the first time running a programmatic campaign or the hundredth, our team of experts will work with you to meet all your KPIs as well activate marketing strategies that are unique to your brand.

All Supported Service features, plus:


  • Media Planning
  • Creative Messaging Architecture
  • Expert Campaign Setup
  • Trafficking/Ad Ops
  • Daily Optimization
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Final Campaign Analysis

Self-Service (Full or Hybrid)

Digilant offers self-service programmatic through the MediaMath platform which allows advertisers to manage their own digital advertising campaigns across display, video, social and mobile channels, in real-time, using real-time bidding (“RTB”). Digilant also provides comprehensive reporting tools, including performance insights across multiple variables such as audience characteristics, ad format, site category, website, device, creative type, and geography. In addition, our platform allows for a unified view of consumers’ interactions with transparent reporting, resulting in improved learnings.

Owning programmatic doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! Self-service also includes:

  • Ongoing one-on-one training
  • Robust Knowledge Base
  • Campaign planning advisory
  • Expert campaign setup (optional)
  • Fully staffed Help Desk for troubleshooting
  • Recurring check-in meetings
  • Unlimited support

In-Housing & Consulting

Driven by concerns over transparency, brand safety, viewability and fraud, many of the world’s biggest brands are thinking about bringing their programmatic strategies in-house.

By in-sourcing programmatic brands hope to attain increased control over how budgets are spent, a reduction in the proportion of ad spend eaten up by fees and tech providers, and better visibility into where ads are placed.

But the cost and complexity of taking programmatic in-house means it’s not a viable solution for the majority of brands to undertake on their own. This is where Digilant can help.

Flexible in our engagement model

We understand and embrace the rise of insourcing media functions among leading brands. We offer fully managed services, consulting, and also work with many clients who are self-service customers. In these cases, we provide the training and ongoing support required to operate having an in-house capability exceptionally well. A typical engagement for us involves beginning the relationship on a managed service basis, and moving the client toward a self-service relationship over time.


Digital Advertising Solutions for agencies and brands that blends both human expertise and curated technology to generate intelligent insights activated through omni-channel marketing.


Everything is Custom

Customers are at the heart of our company. Every relationship and every campaign is unique.

Always Evolving

We are constantly moving forward and improving ourselves to deliver quality service and results.

The Best People

We are one team, together we combine our collective talents but also value our differences.

Lead by Example

We are all accountable to ourselves and to our customers.


Even though we are in the business of programmatic, AI and automated technology, we are human. We treat everyone the way we expect to be treated.

Will to Win

We are passionate and determined to achieve the highest results.


Join the Digilant Family


The Benefits

Unlimited Time Off
Take paid days off when you need them.
Best in Class Health
The Best Available Dental and Vision Plans as well as FSA, transportation and DCA benefits.
Digilant Cares
Time during work hours to volunteer at local charities or ogranizations.
Yearly Company Meeting and Trip to locations like: Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Cancun Mexico.
Work Family
Company sponsored meals and happy hours for employees to be together.
Training and Mentorship
Evolve in your career with training in new disciplines and work with a mentor.


Digilant's leadership team has many decades of programmatic and digital advertising experience between them.

Digilant Cares is a global initiative launched by Digilant to focus on investing in the communities which Digilant employees work and live. Through Digilant Cares, employees are encouraged to select causes that are meaningful to them. Support is both financial and hands-on including pro-bono advertising, office collections, volunteer hours, and financial donations. We are proud to give back to those in-need and know that, by doing so, we are helping to make the communities we care about thrive.


In Store Purchases
Digilant can measure lift at the store level or product level.
Foot Traffic Lift
Identify incremental lift to physical locations vs a control group.
Demographic Validation
Ensure you are reaching the right Demos with industry leading verification partners.
Brand Lift
Uncover the lift your media campaigns had on your Brand’s recall and perception, including Healthcare.
App Download
Track installs that directly resulted from media campaigns cross device.
Brand Safety & Fraud
Ensure you are targeting the correct domains and ensuring Brand Safety, while avoiding fraud in B2C and B2B.


REBOLD is a data-driven marketing & communications group that generates growth opportunities for brands based on a deep understanding of the consumer, marketing technologies, and data ecosystems. REBOLD operates with Digilant in the US, and Anagram in the US and Mexico. In Europe and LATAM, the Company operates under the REBOLD name.

The main goal of REBOLD, is to help companies become data-driven and achieve:
RELEVANCE, creating omnichannel marketing and communication strategies
that combine consumer insights and proprietary data sets;
RETURNS, demonstrating that your marketing investments generate returns; and
RESILIENCE, adapting to a constantly changing environment.

With headquarters in Madrid and Boston, REBOLD has offices in several cities across USA, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

REBOLD Executive Team

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